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andrea wiseman hypnotherapist, coach & holistic healer in newcastle and the north east
Andrea Wiseman, a ‘one stop shop’ for creating positive change and transforming lives. Empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves.
Registered Clinical
Hypnotherapist, Coach, Holistic Healer

Hello & Welcome to Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Holistic Healing In Newcastle

Life is a journey of twists and turns, ups and downs for us all. Everybody needs a bit of support from time to time, whether it’s to make the most of opportunities or meet challenges that hamper progress towards our goals. 

Such is my determination and passion to support people, transform lives or just offer an encouraging sounding board or safe contemplative space, that I have trained in multiple therapies and coaching practices, focused on personal development and holistic wellbeing.

I start every consultation with a personalised, sensitive and entirely confidential deep dive into each client’s context and presented need. Then, working together, we will structure a personalised support/treatment plan.

So, if you feel like you would benefit from: hypnotherapy, life and career coaching, or holistic energy healing, do get in touch. It does not matter about whether it be for a specific issue, general support, or you just want to become a better version of yourself, the important step is the first step.

I hope that you find the website useful at giving you a taste of what to expect. I’ve included testimonials from clients. I’ll also be adding useful articles supplying hints and tips on specific subjects, from time to time, so do check in when you get the chance.

Until we meet, enjoy your journey and please do contact me should you have any questions or if you feel I can help in some way.

- Andrea

About Andrea

I attended hypnotherapy as a client during a particularly stressful time at home and at work and was blown away by my results, so much so that I went on to study Therapeutic Hypnosis and then progressed onto the Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma course. After qualifying, I set up my own Hypnotherapy practice in 2015.

Since then, I have expanded my hypnotherapy practice into more of a holistic wellbeing service with hypnotherapy, coaching and energy healing used simultaneously or individually as a way of addressing particular challenges or re-programming unhelpful patterns.

I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Masters level Coach and a Practitioner of NLP, IEMT and EFT. I also have a Masters Degree in Professional Development and Lifelong Learning. This combined with years of experience in Management positions and over eight years working one to one with clients in my own successful practice, I have a range of tools to draw from when working with you to bring about your desired transformation.

In more recent years I developed an interest in, Energy Healing and have trained and become a Reiki Master, a practitioner in Crystal Healing and Soul Midwifery (spiritual End of Life support).

My passion is, helping individuals with confidence issues; overcome past trauma; obstacles; fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, overthinking and anxiety. Let’s face it, in the modern workplace and family environment, the list goes on.

andrea wiseman hypnotherapist, coach & holistic healer in newcastle and the north east


Read what my clients have to say

My 11-year-old son was seen by Andrea to help with his fear of heights and general anxiety. I saw a positive change even after the first session. After three sessions we even managed a family trip to a climbing wall. It’s lovely to see my son enjoying activities that he was initially fearful to attempt. The hypnotherapy and self-care techniques which he learnt, have helped control his anxiety. He is much calmer and more confident. We even received positive feedback from his school, teachers noticed a big change in his self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy – Fear of Heights

It has been a number of years since I have had an interview, so it felt daunting. I reached out to Andrea who offered interview development support with some great questioning scenarios. I undertook the interview with much greater confidence and was successful! I highly recommend Andrea, wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again!

Personal Development Coaching – I got the job!

My son has suffered with severe needle phobia for as long as I can remember, we have literally tried everything CBT sessions, numbing cream, medication and nothing has ever worked, he just couldn’t go through with having an injection, this became increasingly concerning with the Pandemic. Then we met Andrea she has been a god send, we had 4 sessions in total and today my son finally had his first Covid vaccination, we cannot thank Andrea enough for everything she has done for us. I can breathe a sigh of relief that my son is on his way to being fully protected and he has even asked me to book his meningitis vaccine for a few weeks’ time as he missed this at school due to being so terrified.

Hypnotherapy – Fear of Injections

Andrea is brilliant! I was looking to enter the world of coaching after just graduating from university, and had an interview invite for an independent training provider. With this being a little out of my depth, I reached out to Andrea for some support on how to approach the interview. She was so thorough and patient with me in areas I was not so confident with.

The employers were so impressed with my interview that I received a call just a few hours after asking if I wanted the job and when I was available to start! I have been with this company 6 months now and passed my probation with “flying colours” and I couldn’t thank Andrea enough for helping me start my career.

Personal Development Coaching – I got the job!

My OCD was growing to the point that doing my job was becoming increasingly difficult. I went to Andrea and felt immediately comfortable and found that each hypnosis session eased my anxiety further. She taught me calming methods which I could use throughout the day and during the course of our sessions identified and dispelled the real cause of my fears. Without Andrea my world was becoming smaller and the stress of daily life increasingly unbearable.

Hypnotherapy – Anxiety/OCD

I contacted Andrea to help with my phobia of mice. My fear was controlling my life and I was unable to sit in my own garden. Andrea made me feel welcome and relaxed. I found hypnotherapy very relaxing, and I left the sessions feeling calm. I overcame my phobia. I can now sit in my garden and enjoy my life without being controlled by fear. I would highly recommend Andrea; she is very professional.

Hypnotherapy – Fear of Mice

I managed a goal which I thought was impossible. It was like I was chained by fear and a lack of self-belief. Andrea turned a lifetime of doubt around in just a few sessions and there’s no stopping me now.

Life Coaching

Andrea is amazing! I had a few Phobias before coming here, now I have no phobias. I am so grateful for all her help!

Hypnotherapy – General Anxiety/Phobias

Andrea is one of the most personable, professional, and reliable people I have had the pleasure of working with. Her client feedback is excellent.

In a coaching capacity Andrea’s emotional intelligence really come to the fore in that she quickly builds rapport and gets her client to the root of any issue, challenge, or development need, supporting her client move forward.

Leadership and Management Coaching

I sought Andrea’s help to see if she could help me with fear/phobia of Daddy Long Legs. 

Never in a million years did I think I would be taken seriously! 

Andrea was very caring, she put me at ease straight away and said she could help! 

I feel I have come such a long way, that after one session I have managed to sit outside and go for a walk and not be in fear of seeing one. 

I can’t recommend Andrea enough.

Hypnotherapy – Phobia of Daddy Long Legs

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